Gonna just leave a teeny tiny bit of input on this whole Trans headcanon thing, and leave it alone.

Do you think the characters that you say are Trans would appreciate only being referred to as Trans? Do you not think they’d prefer, say, being known as the gender they identify as - or better still, just as themselves? 

Also, if we need to refer to characters as “Trans!XYZ”, why do we not call Tahu “Cis!Tahu” all the time? Ah yes, because that’s not the most important part of his character. What’s more important is that he controls fire and surfs on lava, not the fact that he calls himself a ‘he’. 

Look, what I’m trying to get at here, is that it’s almost as if we’re fetishizing Transgenderism (lol is that even a word idk) by just tacking “Trans!” onto the front of any character we can. Isn’t it a tad more respectful to just a.) refer to them as they would wish and b.) focus on their role in the plot?

For example, when we have gay characters in media, it’s tacky and (IMHO) distasteful when their whole persona is “GAY, VERY VERY GAY, LIKES DICKS, GAY” when that’s nothing to do with the plot - imagine a character in some Fantasy setting where the cast fight dragons and save villages from destruction. You have all these hardy warrior types, with big beards and swords n’shit… And then the token Gay guy, who has crushes on all the biggest, strongest warriors. Out of place, huh? But what if in this Fantasy setting, we just had a warrior who just happens to have a husband, and that’s not made to be a big deal? That there nestles in with the story much more fluidly. Their identity is relevant and fitting then.

Same with just tacking “TRANS!” on any character you can. You make them a token character. That’s unfair, and I don’t think they’d appreciate that. Do you think that female Tamaru would appreciate everyone only focusing on the fact that she’s Transgender? I don’t think she would. I think she’d rather you focus on her sickass Bamboo disk throwing skills.

Overall, I’m totally cool with you making a big deal that a character is Transgendered or Gay or whathaveyou… If that’s releavent to their story as a character. If it’s just a little badge you want to put on them for funsies, or to get brownie points from your fans/friends, that’s not fair. Sexual/gender identities aren’t just cool trading cards you keep to show off to people, they’re parts of who we are that most don’t want to become the ONLY part of who we are. I say this as a Gay man who has often surprised people by revealing that I’m gay. Was it something they desperately needed to know before the situation where I felt it necessary to tell them? Not unless they were going to be dating me or sleeping with me, no. Me being Gay isn’t the epitome of me, is it?

I’d just advise this; If you’re going to make a character Transgendered, go ahead. But explain why. Give a reason for that needing to be clarified. What does it mean about them as a character? How is that relevant to the story we follow them through? If it’s neither important nor impacting on who they are in the role in story, then is it really necessary to know something that intimate about them? Because we can relate just as easily if that character just calls themselves a ‘she’. 

TL;DR I personally feel it’s fairly insensitive to slap Trans/Gay/other identity as a badge on a character just for brownie points. If you’re going to give a character a different sexual/gender identity, make if relevant - if you don’t you’re just accessorizing and therefore trivializing said identities. Many would agree that that’s unfair.

most people who make trans headcanons are trans people who aren’t doing it for brownie points

also it is a big deal if a trans character is trans or a queer character is queer because otherwise people will just ignore it

also you don’t need to talk about how weird and fetishizing it is to make a “huge deal” about a character being trans and then say a character should only be trans if it’s a big part of their story.

also you can’t compare tahu being cis to people making characters trans because trans is the majority and assumed to be a default.

if you’re that offended by trans or queer or  headcanons, you really need to examine why that is

also transgendered and transgederism are not the appropriate terms to use

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